There are actually 5 seasons.

It's that's time of the year again. That time when everyone from the fashion elite to music royalty to grunge rockers to conservative pencil skirt wearing bankers come together in one place to take in as many concerts as possible over the course of a weekend. It's music festival season. Now, myself, I have only … Continue reading There are actually 5 seasons.

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday lovelies! I am still adjusting to remembering to make blog posts everyday (or at least every other day) so please bare with me while I continue to update and format. I hope you have an amazing day! Smile, I got these flowers just for  you 🙂

Feeling a bit like Patrick Bateman, but not in that way.

Ever since I moved to New York 8 months ago many things have changed, such as I now walk about 10x as much as I did back home, I have tried and eaten (well most of the time) some really weird foods due to my Seamless addiction, and layering has become an everyday thing due … Continue reading Feeling a bit like Patrick Bateman, but not in that way.

I’d Sell My Soul For Shoes

According to, fashion is defined as a prevailing custom or style of dress, etiquette, socializing, ect. But how can you really define fashion? To so many others and myself, you can’t define something that has consumed your whole life in 10 words. It’s like committing a mortal sin in the church of style where … Continue reading I’d Sell My Soul For Shoes