There are actually 5 seasons.


It’s that’s time of the year again. That time when everyone from the fashion elite to music royalty to grunge rockers to conservative pencil skirt wearing bankers come together in one place to take in as many concerts as possible over the course of a weekend. It’s music festival season. Now, myself, I have only had the pleasure of attending one of these eccentric gatherings, which was one of the best weekends of my life mind you, but seeing the fashion choices people make during these shindigs is my favorite part by far. This weekend and the next the holy grail of fashionable music festivals takes place: Coachella. Unless you’re actually attending Coachella, do you even look up the music line-up online? Probably not. But I can guarantee that everyday following that first weekend, you are looking up photos of the attendees online to try and soak up some summer style inspiration. Here are some of my favorite looks from this first weekend as well as what I would choose to wear if I was lucky enough to be apart of this massive celebration.

coachella two.jpg.jpg

1. Hat- Shourouk

2. Earrings- Virzi+ De Luca

3. Crop Top- Topshop

4. Skirt- Alexander Wang

5. Crop top- Stone Cold Fox

6. Skort- Topshop

7. Sunglasses- Nasty Gal

8. Sandals- Dolce Vita

9. Bag- Proenza Schouler

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