A Few Of My Favorite Things

It’s 2018, when did that happen? Where did 2017 go? While I’m not usually one to make resolutions, because let’s face it, I’m not ever going to lose the 30 pounds I resolved I would in 2013 and I’m probably always going to sleep until noon on my days off, I have decided to make a productive resolution. One that I hope will leave me on December 31, 2018 looking back on the last year and being proud of everything I accomplished. I want to have so many things to be proud of myself for that 2018 actually seems like a whole year and there’s no reason for me to wonder where my time disappeared to. As a result, my resolution for 2018 is this: Stop just talking about things and actually do them. Simple as that right? Then, in 2019, I can reward myself by having my resolution be to nap more. Only 351 days to go…

Thing #1 I should stop talking about and actually do: Write more blog posts.

To kick off the beginning of the year and my new resolution, I’ve decided to share with you the things I’m currently obsessed with. There is no rhyme or reason to this list. It’s just a random assortment of the things I currently can’t live without.

  1. My Echo Dot: “Alexa, name every actor who appeared in Harry Potter”, “Alexa, define demiurge”, “Alexa, play that song by that guy who I listened to last month”. Oh Alexa, how do I love you, let me count the ways. What’s great about Alexa is she provides you the ultimate ability to be productive but also extremely lazy at the same time. Looks like my 2018 is already heading in the right direction.
  2. GRLFRND Denim: If you’ve spoke to me in the last year, you know that I swear by GRLFRND. They’re the most perfect jeans I’ve ever worn. They stretch to fit your body but hold their shape. The Kendall is my favorite but the Karolina is an extremely close second. I need every color. Hey GRLFRND, hook a sister up. I’m your denim slave.
  3. Colorful Hair: I am obsessed with the colored hair trend. Ever since I laid eyes on Sofia Carson’s hair in ‘Disney’s Descendants’, all I’ve wanted was long, navy hair. This may not be realistic due to my job and the fact that my hairdresser says my hair will never be the same but regardless, I’ve been lusting for it for the last year. I guess I’ll stick to staring longingly at the brave girls with rainbow toned hair I see walking down the street and then running away when they yell at me for being so creepy.
  4. Curls: While I may not be able to dye my hair, I certainly can experiment in other ways. I’ve had short hair for about two years now and I love the once a week washes, ten minute blow drys, and sexy edge short hair brings but I’ve missed the feminine feeling of long hair. This year I want to experiment with my hair and to do so, I not only need a little more hair, I need a little help too. Styling hair has never been my forte and if I told you otherwise, I lied. All I’ve ever wanted was Blake Lively’s hair in Gossip Girl but my lack of curling iron knowledge has kept me from ever achieving it. That is until I stumbled upon a curling iron review site that provided me the answer to every potential question I might have and then some. They did all of the research for me and I cannot begin to thank them for all of their hard work. Failure is not an option.
  5. xxBRIDGE: Every once in awhile you stumble upon a music artist that speaks to your soul and I found mine in BRIDGE. Do yourself a favor and listen to his album ‘Wreck’. I’m partial to ‘Lullaby’ but every song is a heavenly experience I haven’t had since I first heard ‘High For This’ by The Weeknd.
  6. Liquid Eyeliner: I’m so excited for all of the upcoming beauty trends because they are reminiscent of a time when women loved enhancing their beauty and enjoyed being a woman. Liquid eyeliner is the number one item I feel you need to achieve that va-va-voom, sex kitten look and I am fully embracing it. Ever since I saw Gigi Hadid attend the Ranger’s game with a cat eye and a red lip paired with her hoodie and jeans, it’s the only look I’ve wanted to wear (not just because I’m obsessed with the Hadid’s). Try Kat Von D’s tattoo liner.
  7. Collagen: Don’t ask, just do. After only three days of adding two teaspoons of powder to whatever beverage I am currently holding, my skin is already beginning to glow. Collagen powder is my new miracle cure. Remember, skin care is all about taking preventative measures, not waiting until you look like the avocado I found in the back of my refrigerator.



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