Football and the War On Fashion

This weekend my boyfriend and I are attending the Virginia Tech spring game and while his list of worries in long such as “Where are we staying?”, “How am I going to roll my beautiful girlfriend out of bed at 5:30 am without getting physically injured?”, and “Is Laurel going to ask to stop to go the bathroom once an hour?” (yes love, yes I am), I only have one worry: What in the hell am I going to wear?. Now for some of you this may seem like the easiest question in the world to answer and right now in your head you’re thinking, “It’s a football game, you wear a t-shirt affiliated with your team, jeans or shorts, and call it a day you idiot”, it’s not the easy for me. You see, I attended The University of Mississippi, or Ole Miss for those of you who keep up with college sports, and we dress up for games. I’m not talking cute jeans and a top (I wore jeans once and have never felt more out of place anywhere in my life), I’m talking boys in full out suits and ties and girls in 6 inch heels and anything from a sundress to something that would be suitable at a cocktail party. Ole Miss’s unofficial motto is “We’re not snobs, we’re just better than you”, so you see my dilemma. When I asked my boyfriend what I should wear he responded that shorts and a t-shirt would be fine. The look of sheer terror on my face prompted him to continue by saying how I have natural beauty and girls that can dress down, aka wore what they probably slept in the night before, and still stand out are even more beautiful. He’s also spent the past couple of days making sure to notice when I don’t have make-up on and comment how pretty he thinks I look. Touché boyfriend. I obviously need to find some middle ground. If I wear a dress, I assume I’ll stand out like a sore thumb and therefore spend the day being a tiny bit self conscious the whole time, but I refuse to look like I’m heading off to a fraternity spring party. What’s a girl to do???? Going to a school where dressing up for games is the norm is a blessing and a curse, I now realize. Dammit Ole Miss and your snobbish ways. I’ll let you know how it goes….

Ole Miss FootballMy friends and I at games past.

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