Kiki de Montparnasse Sample Sale

Kiki de Montparnasse Soho

Yesterday, I partook in one of every New York fashionista’s favorite past times: the sample sale. I realized that hey, I have been living here for almost a year and had yet to go to one and all of a sudden began to feel very, very sad. I could have been finding a whole trove of treasures 50-80% off every single week had I wanted to and some how I managed to wait 10 months before going. So, last Thursday I got on one of my favorite fashion blogs and proceeded to research upcoming sample sales and add at least 20 to my google calendar. Mara Hoffman- check. Creatures of Comfort- duh. La Perla- is that even a question?. Riedel- who doesn’t need new glassware and tabletop items? (despite the fact I have no table). There are so many sample sales constantly happening, especially around this time of year, how can I possibly choose?!

Well, yesterday I attended the Kiki de Montparnasse sale. For those of you who do not know what that is, it’s a luxury lingerie and clothing brand that I first discovered while interning at Harper’s Bazaar and instantly became obsessed with. The prices range from about $150 for a pair of panties to in the thousands for one of their gowns. Needless to say, buying anything from this heavenly abode of luxuriessness (that is a real word) was just a tad bit out of my price range. So of course when I saw they were holding a sample sale on one of my days off from work, I was like “Sold!”.

Just as a side note, since I began working at Journelle where I’m constantly surround by beautiful pieces of lingerie like bras with their intricate lace details and silk panties sent straight from Italy, picking out my undergarments in the morning has become an extremely depressing part of my day. I keep hoping one day I’ll open my drawer and magically be presented with all of the beautiful things we sell in our store. I pray the lingerie gods will smile upon me and think “Hm this girl has dreamt of Bordelle and Myla all night long for the past week, she deserves this”…unfortunately that is not the case and I’m stuck with Victoria’s Secret thongs I bought a year ago (no ill feelings towards Victoria’s Secret…well maybe a few but that’s a different story) and bras that do not fit because I have been sized wrong my entire life. Therefore, I felt I deserved to go to this sample sale for my all around well being. It was not just a want but a need. Mom and Dad, please understand. You don’t want me to be depressed do you?

When I walked in the company’s SOHO location, I was greeted by a sales girl who took one look at me and said, very politely I must add, “You’re looking for the sale aren’t you?” I must not give off that “Here I am and I’m ready to drop $475 on a Zula Cincher Corsette!” vibe. Anyways, I was pointed in the direction of a staircase where at the top awaited me the lingerie mecca I’d been waiting for. I was all of a sudden surrounded by rows upon rows of bras and panties and racks of robes and cashmere leggings. I looked around me and there were about 50 girls clutching arm fulls of whatever they had managed to find in their size before someone else could snatch it from them. I realized I needed to move quickly but due to the huge overwhelming feelings I was having in that moment, quick wasn’t really something I was capable of. I managed to wander over to a table laid out with stacks and stacks of brightly colored thongs and frilly panties. While most of things left were a size large or extra small, I managed to find a medium in a lavender silk thong. Once I picked it up and it was in my hands, I was ready. I ran around the store for the next thirty minutes picking up anything I could find in my size to try on and potentially buy and bring home to call my own. Cropped muscle tanks originally $165 for $30, yes please. Balconette bras that were retailed for $300 that were now $50, give me 5! This was my heaven.

After trying on, I practiced the self control my boyfriend/parents have been trying to instill in me recently and left with one lace overlay balconnet bra, a bluish grey chiffon baby doll chemise, red sleep shorts, a white cropped muscle tank, a matching grey bralette and thong set, and a beautiful fuchsia slip as a present for my roommate. I went home and laid everything out on my bed and simply took in the beauty of it all. After about 10 minutes, I laid it all in my drawer and smiled. Tonight I will sleep a little easier because my lingerie drawer now sparkles just a little more….

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