Caudalie, my lips feel like a baby angel’s. Thank you.

photo*Before I start writing this, yesterday, I was informed of the lack of paragraphs in my writing. While this may have been followed with a comment about how I’m the Jack Kerouac of fashion blogging, it still made me realize that despite of my hatred for paragraphs in that they interrupt my artistic thought, they are a necessary evil. So be prepared for the dreaded paragraph to ensue. Thank you Jonathan. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Ever since I have moved to New York, my lips have obtained a feeling of which can only be compared to sand paper. It doesn’t matter what I put on them and trust me when I say I have tried close to everything, they’ll feel smooth for about an hour and then it’s back to the rough, dry feeling they’ve had since I stepped off the plane on August 18th. I have tried exfoliating followed by lip masks followed by coconut oil or intense lip balm followed by vitamin E oil and it’s exhausting not to mention expensive to keep trying things that just do not work.

So about two weeks ago when I was doing my monthly beauty supply refill, I came across a brand on Birchbox I had never heard of before called Caudalie. They were offering a “Favorite’s Set” for $32 as opposed to the normal $56 (which in mind is basically free) and it included 5 different beauty products I felt could all be useful. I’ve been trying to take advantage of brand’s offering smaller versions of their products so I can try them out and if I don’t like them I’m not stuck with a humongous thing of the worst smelling anti-aging cream in the world *no I won’t disclose which one that was. Anyways, while I haven’t tried all of the 5 products, which included a hand and nail cream, a moisturizing sorbet, a beauty elixir, and cleansing water, I have tried the lip conditioner. OH MY GOSH I have found the answer to all of my prayers. It makes my lips smooth in the first minute it’s on and keeps them smooth throughout the entire day. No longer do I feel the need to constantly reapply and worry that my boyfriend won’t want to kiss me because my lips look like they might cut him if he gets too close; yeah, he made a comment about it once…it wasn’t a good day. I’m obsessed with Caudalie.

Caudalie is a french brand created by the husband and wife team of Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas which bases all of their products off of the anti-aging properties of grape-seed polyphenols. Polyphenols are used in the lip conditioner to hydrate and protect your lips. Honestly though, I don’t even care what they use (within reason) because it works. If you are searching for the perfect lip protector give this one a try because it’s amazing.

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