The Hunger Games

Bonjour. No, I didn’t die or give up on this blog. The real world is just a very busy, stressful, aggravating, exhausting place where you’re constantly trying to stay ahead of the curve while keeping your head above water and make everyone and their mom happy when all you really want to do is get into your bed with a bottle of wine, lock your door, and watch like 10,000 episodes of She Got Game (you know you like it). There. Case closed, I’m awful at writing on this blog. I hold myself accountable. Hopefully with this though, all of that will change.

So readers, while I’ve been away, not including the time I’ve been in bed laughing endlessly at The Game try to figure out what The Dead Sea is, I’ve come up with a plan. MWAHAHAHA. This plan, unfortunately, does not need to be started with an evil laugh because it really does not hurt anyone, I just thought it would build suspense. This plan actually helps me and if I’m being honest, my parents who I’m sure will be just thrilled once they read this. Here we go.

I, Laurel Luckey, have decided to not go shopping for 30 days. Holy shit, I know. If you know me, this is a really really REALLY fucking big deal (excuse my language). *I really hate my brain sometimes, always working and thinking of crazy, over the top ideas, most of which have become a lot more mature and a lot less fun than they previously were in my lifetime. Borrowing my grandma’s car for joy ride before I had a license anyone? It’s like Hello! Off switch s’il vous plaît!! Anyways, alas there is no off switch so I have succumbed to the idea of not shopping for anything that I don’t require to live for 30 days. 44fa68c624acd496377a27932bfef8d3

There will be no cheating during this 30 days. I cannot justify Dior eyeliner as something I need to live. Other people may qualify that as something I need so they can look at me everyday but I can still live without it…even if I do lose friends in the process. I can buy groceries, medicine, cleaning supplies, ect. Basically anything you wouldn’t qualify as “fun”, I can buy. BUT there will be no purchasing of: clothing, shoes, accessories, nail polish, make-up, hair products, body oils, jewelry, Chanel high-tops that cost a month’s rent, hats, belts, whatever. You get the point. The only exceptions are if it’s someone’s birthday, I can buy them a gift, if someone steals all of my wardrobe, well you can see how that would be necessary, and lastly, a Halloween costume. I may not purchase a Halloween costume seeing as how I’m 26 and the quote, “Halloween is the one day a year a girl can dress like a total slut and no one can say anything about it” shouldn’t really apply to me anymore. Thank you Lindsay Lohan.

So here we go. Day #1 of no shopping. My own version of The Hunger Games if you will. I must be a masochistic because this is really going to hurt, especially living in New York where everyone is always dressed to the nines and perfectly primped and I will be forced to walk by them in my month old jeans and my last season Proenza Schouler bag while endearing their judgmental looks and blatant snobbery. Wow, this idea just keeps sounding better and better as I type.

Wish me luck dear readers. I’m definitely going to need it.

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