Ode to the Flu

This isn’t really an ode to the flu. The flu doesn’t deserve to have anything “oded” to it except maybe a test tube home where it can be locked up in the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta. It’s miserable. You want to know what’s even more miserable than just having the flu? Getting sick outside in the snow by a children’s park right at the time some wasted homeless man stumbles by and tells me I need to find Jesus. Yay New York! I cannot make this up. While I may actually need to find Jesus, since he wasn’t in the two blocks back to my apartment, he’s just going to have to wait. In the mean time, I’m writing a blog post to keep me awake long enough for the snow to stop and rush hour to end so I can go to Urgent Care and hopefully get some Tamiflu before this thing takes full effect. I apparently did not knock on wood every single time I told people I never get a flu shot…

So in other news, besides me getting the flu, here are some other awesome/terrible things that happened this week:

1. Justin Bieber unfortunately looks like this under his shirt. Justin Bieber
Like excuse me? How am I supposed to hate him now?! I like to pretend that I would actually hate him in real life but we have the exact same birthday (March 1st) and therefore, are both Pisces so who am I kidding here, we’d probably be BFFs. We’ll file this one under awesome and terrible.

Update: I feel a little bit better now since I read this.

2. J. Crew‘s tall Pixie Pants are too tall for me. This really sucks because the regular pants are just a tad too short but the tall ones are way too long. I’m 5’8″ people come on! They should not be so bunched at the bottom. I’m not returning them. I’ll just take them back to the same tailor where I took my J.Crew pencil skirt and was charged double what the skirt originally cost to get them hemmed. Good plan.

3. Two words: Asos Sale. This is the problem with being sick, I feel like I deserve to buy new things to help me feel better. There’s an extra 10% off now though…


1) Hairy Animal Print Coat $90.96 (I really like the name)
2) River Island Tux Dress $85.28
3) Vila V Neck Batwing Dress $28.43
4) Ravel Clutch Bag $47.38
5) Fashionology Vertical Ring $85.28
6) Chelsea Ankle Boots $41.69
7) Floral Print Short Sleeve Kimono $26.53- I’m weirdly obsessed with this shirt
8) Lulu Guinness Glitter Lips Makeup Bag $77.70
9) Daniel Sander Luxury Gloss $17.06
10) Pants with Elastic Detail $16.11
11) Sol Sana Belle Heel Dove Single Sole Sandals $130.76
12) Gossard Temptation Waspie $47.83

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