I Got a Job, Part Deux

Prologue: I apologize sincerely that my posts have become few and far between. There is always something that seems to be holding me back from writing something new. This list includes errands, anxiety that whatever I will write or post just sucks, other things that seem more important, and last but not least and probably most likely of all, SLEEP. It’s just my favorite….

So anyways, yes loyal followers, I, Laurel Luckey, have managed to get a (pause for dramatic effect)…2nd JOB ALL BY MYSELF!!! If you don’t know me in real life then you need to know that I am the definition of lazy and most people who know me would probably say “Oh yeah I know Laurel, she’s that girl you never see out of bed before 5pm unless it’s to go shopping for an outfit to wear that night.” Yes people, I am more than aware of your thoughts on me and just as a side note, my thoughts on you are that none of you are good secret keepers. It’s fine though, I have completely accepted my position in life as “The one who sleeps her life away but you can always come to her(unless she’s sleeping) for excellent fashion advice and the blunt truth.”

This though, my second job in the real world and another step closer to staking my claim on a major job in the fashion industry (Dear fashion gods, please let it be a buyer position at Barney’s or Bergdorf Goodman. Amen.) and I feel great about it. I’ll explain the feeling to you like I explain what “special trust” is to my sister. You see reader, when you spend your life as the girl who sleeps her life away, there is not that much expected from you. Honestly, I think my parents used to just be happy to have me go to the grocery store. So when I got two internships in New York and found an apartment all on my own, you would have thought they had died and gone to heaven they were so proud. It only took me doing 2 things that the majority of the population could do easily to gain my parents praise. It’s like the “special trust”: When you’re a good child all of your life, your parents always trust you to do the right thing and therefore there’s nothing “special” about the trust they have in you BUT, when you’re the, for lack of better word, “bad” child and you suddenly decide to try to do the right thing, your parents are so proud of you and they constantly bring up how you used to do the worst things but now you’re just awesome and “have blossomed into the beautiful young woman they always knew you could be”, that’s when the trust becomes “special”. This pisses my sister off to no ends. Honestly though, getting a second job all on my has so completely blown my parents’ minds so much it’s pretty much like every day I go to work and walk on water. *Sorry to compare myself to Jesus, Mom. It was necessary to describe the “special trust”*

I was a little nervous about this new job though. Not nervous in the way I was when I got my first job and I had completely no clue what I was doing, like when I raised my hand to ask if I could go to the bathroom every time during training…okay okay I still do that at the new job but I don’t raise my hand at least. I was nervous because the people at my last job had become like a family and I knew exactly my place in that family. Although, apparently in the job world that is called “complacency” and when it happens it’s time to move on. I also wasn’t even actively looking for a new job so when my roommate told me about how an amazing designer was hiring for a new store in SOHO and I should apply, I pretty much had written off the idea that they would even consider hiring the girl who had updated her résumé less than 8 hours before the interview before I even walked into the room. Luckily for me, not that you can tell, talking about myself if a favorite past time of mine so I usually kick ass at interviews. What?! Someone wants to hear me talk about myself nonstop for the next 30 minutes to an hour?! Where do I sign up?! 🙂

Anyways, I got the job as you can tell from the title of this post. If not it would have been titled, “The time I applied for a job and they laughed in my face and I went home and cried into all the lingerie I’ve acquired.” Despite the nerves from the promise of change and uncertainty of where I would “fit in” in this new family, I’m obsessed with my new job. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a bad mood at work and I’ve been there for a little over a month now. I have learned a lot from my past job so I am aware that eventually the point of complacency/super aggravation will pop up one day. I will not be smiling while I sit in a dressing room for an hour putting back 10 pairs of boots the customer isn’t going to buy into the correct boxes and hanging up one of every item we sell, sometimes two because “they’re just not sure about size” while I could be on the sales floor actually doing my job title as a sales associate. As for now though, I’m actually happy to put in the time to try and help make my company the best it can be. God, I’m corny about my new job haha.

So, if you did see me in the dressing room yesterday during that hour and wondered why there was a smile on my face, I promise I’m not crazy. I was just considering all of the “special trust” I’m going to get for being so awesome.

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