Fall is upon us!

As many of us “New Yorkers” (I have officially lived here a year, I can now associate myself in this class of people) know, the weather in this part of our fair country can be quite unpredictable. One day it’s 88 degrees when the day before it had been in the 60s so you spend the day sweating in jeans and a blazer or some times it just decides to start raining when the sun is out and therefore you’re caught without an umbrella in a white t-shirt but then there are the times when the sun is out and it’s a beautiful day and not only that, it’s 64 degrees and perfect. This has been the case as of late and I can say that I honestly have no complaints that it’s starting to be this way in August as opposed to November like last year. I’m sure all of you beach bums will disagree with me and slam me for even suggesting that I’m welcoming the cool weather but considering I have yet to even go to the beach this year, I just don’t care. So with that, here are some light outerwear options for this miraculous change of events.


1. Mensy Blazer by Boutique…I’m sure a sucker for a good menswear inspired blazer-  Topshop $240

2. Paige Denim Vermont Jacket- Revolve Clothing $219

3. Yellow Floral Embellished Kimono- River Island $80

4. BB Dakota Tyne Soft Lamb Leather (in tobacco)- Bloomingdales $325

5. Endless Rose Houndstooth Blazer- Shopbop $84

6. GENETIC X LIBERTY ROSS Metallic jacquard blazer- Net-A-Porter $485

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