Introduction to next article

I apologize that it has been about two weeks since I have posted. After the rush of amazing feedback I received for my last post (which I wrote most of after a couple glasses of wine and the rest on my break at work the next day so color me shocked), I didn’t have any clue what to follow up with. *Side note-Thank you everyone for what you had to say. Your words mean so much to me and I continue to welcome any feedback, positive or negative, you have for me. I will probably never receive as many views in one day as I did on that post but that’s cool. It took me 21 posts to get there so maybe at 42 posts I will again.

I had many recommendations/ideas:

1. A follow up wedding post, a part deux if you will.- Well I would probably end up insulting some people because it would have to be about things I noticed taking place during the wedding week. I wouldn’t call anyone out but I assume you’d know who you are and wouldn’t appreciate my opinion on whatever you did. The wedding was beautiful though in case anyone was wondering. Taylor and Luke, y’all were perfect, no comments would be made at your expense…well maybe except the airport debacle but that was just so awesome.

2. How to pack lightly for a weekend getaway- Does someone want to write this for me and give me credit because I’ve never packed lightly for anything in my life. It would have to be titled “Learning to pack lightly by reading ‘Packing Lightly for Dummies'”.

3. Lingerie Shopping Etiquette- This is still a possibility. There are some people who really need it…

4. How to not be late- My boyfriend suggested this this morning and I told him that if I decided to tackle that I would probably end up being late for work so rule #1 on not being late: Don’t start writing your blog post at 9:03 am when you have work at 10.

I do now have to go to work but I have an idea for my next post that didn’t go with anyone’s recommendations and basically sticks to what I know and what I love maybe a little too much *cough PLL 🙂

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