I got a job.

Yes, world it is true. Laurel Luckey, the girl who usually known for sleeping in until 2pm, being notoriously 30 minutes late for everything, and not going outside until the sun goes down, has a real, honest to god, paying job. And guess what? I haven’t been late once. Well it’s only been a week so *knock on wood. The good people at Journelle, a designer lingerie boutique, took a chance on a professional intern (who has amazing recommendations if I do say so myself) and gave me a full time sales associate position. I have been in training for the past week and will continue training next week until Saturday when I will have my real first day 🙂 My first real job first day ever. It’s such a milestone in my life. I assume, most people have their first jobs when they’re teenagers and I’m sure the night before was spent complaining and moaning over the loss of their summer vacation to a cashier position at a local grocery store or working for whichever company their parents own but not mine. I will actually remember my first day and associate it with emotions other than disdain and aggravation. I will look at it with pride and excitement over not being a 25 year old completely dependent on her parents anymore (I may remain a little dependent) and the happiness I will feel when I look at my bank account and actually have money I made. It’s such an intense and insane feeling for me. Last Sunday, I’m not going to lie, I may have sat in my bed, holding my Mr. McGibblets stuffed animal, crying over the loss of my adolescence. Yes, yes I know I’m a drama queen. You’re not original in that thought, sorry to break it to you. But it was hard on me to realize that I had to grow up and be an adult. I have never been one in my whole 25 years of life. Now though…it is time and I cannot wait for next week to get here.

On a lighter note, as a part of training, I have gotten to see some of the most beautiful lingerie I’ve ever had the chance to encounter in my life. My whole first month’s pay check will be spent on lacy long-line bras by Fortnight and fancy, French chemises by Samantha Chang that could not only be worn to bed but could pass as a sexy dress with biker boots and a leather jacket. I’m completely and totally obsessed with lingerie as of this moment. I have to have all of it. I want to dress like Blair Waldorf under my clothes everyday of the week and on weekends go a little Courtney Love or Dita Von Teese and wear lingerie that will provide the world with a small peak of what’s going on under my clothes or just wear lingerie as my clothes. I cannot wait. And with that said, here is my wishlist for my first month.

journelle1. Damaris Sleeping Beauty Tulle and Lace Bra– $130

2. Stella McCartney Clara Whispering Chemise– $250

3. Only Hearts Birth of Venus Teddy– $84

4. Myla Morgan High Apex Bra and Thong– $150, $90

5. Mary Green “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” Eye Mask– $40

6. Tocca Eau De Parfum in Bianca– $68

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