Mean Girls Came Out 10 Years Ago and Fetch Still Hasn’t Happened

10 years ago, what I believe and think I will always believe, a historic moment happened. Mean Girls was released to millions of teenage girls, my 15 year old self included, on the big screen. I remember sitting there and right as it was about to start thinking, “Oh my gosh I have to go to the bathroom really really bad”, which is pretty much what I think every time a movie is about to start, but unlike every other time in which I don’t really care enough about what I’m seeing and know I can just bug the person I came with to tell me what happened, this felt different…and I chose to hold it. For the whole 97 minutes. And it was worth every single close call that happened whenever I laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe. Which was pretty much every 3 minutes. “If you’re from Africa, why are you white?” I still can’t get enough. How in the hell did this movie only get a 6.9 out of 10 stars on IMDB? They obviously wore jeans or track pants on a day besides Friday and couldn’t sit with The Plastics. It’s the only explanation. This movie had/accomplished so many things. It gave every teenage girl in America a new movement of absurd, amazing sayings that I still hear. My friends and I still quote Mean Girls almost everyday. Maybe we’re lame and stuck in the past but guess what? You can’t sit with us either. It gave us the “girl world” rules to life, and girl world has a lot of rules. It also reminded us that we should never buy a skirt without asking our friends first right? AND it also had a good message at the end!! Look IMDB, the hilarious, touching, Amanda Seyfried star-making movie has a moral ending! Go make-out with a hot dog IMDB, go make-out with a hot dog.

Another hugely important part of this movie though was the fashion. Now I don’t know about you, but I would have never been allowed to dress the way The Plastics dressed at my school. Gretchen Wieners’s crop tops and Karen Smith’s gym clothes? Yeah, my school would have sent me home the second I walked through the door. But that certainly didn’t stop me from trying to dress like them outside of school hours. I cleared out the J.Crew and Banana Republic racks searching for the perfect plaid skirt while scouring the internet for Regina George’s “Dramatic” shirt. I was like Bethany Byrd when she saw Cady wearing army pants and flip- flops! I bought army pants and flip-flops! I was obsessed with finding the perfect “Plastic” outfit. I couldn’t ever achieve it of course. I would have had to sneak onto the lot where it was filmed and break into the wardrobe trailer to get what I wanted. Call me a perfectionist though. But if you look at today’s fashion, it’s almost like it’s drawing on Mean Girls. I know fashion comes full circle but what a more perfect time for crops tops and logo’d t-shirts to come back in style? The fashion gods just knew! I know we don’t all always wear pink on Wednesdays (although, if you didn’t wear it today you should consider it blasphemous) but Mean Girls set a standard of dressing for the time that can never be replaced and I, for one, am thankful that I took advantage of the crop top look while my stomach was flat.

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