Confessions Part I

shoppingpsychiatristAs soon as I typed that title, the Usher song became immediately ingrained into my head and will probably not go away until I’m 3 glasses deep into a bottle of wine at Stanton Social tonight, OR it’ll just get worse. Then I can suggest that we all go to Sing Sing on St. Marks Place and while I do my best to not bust everyone’s eardrums with my rousing rendition of Confessions Part II, everyone else can just pretend not to know me and ditch me before I get to the high notes. Fingers crossed the latter happens…

Now, I’ve always been an “it’s better to ask for forgiveness than for permission” type of girl but I promised to hold myself accountable for my 30 days of no shopping so I’m going to confess this before it happens. So the Rent the Runway sample sale is taking place right now as we speak in New York and I’m just not going to pass up the chance to go. I’m sorry, it’s just going to have to happen. This is a special occasion though so I’m hoping that I’ll be forgiven, as if any of you people besides my mom and dad even care if I spend myself into a deep black hole of shopping debt that even my highest Louboutins can’t help me out of. In the words of Carrie Bradshaw, “I like my money where I can see it, hanging in my closet.”

On the bright side though readers, I haven’t shopped in 3 days. Don’t be so quick to judge. 3 days for me is like a month for other people. I probably buy something every day of my life. It’s comforting and exciting and warm and provides me with a kick of endorphins I can’t get anywhere else. I’m kind of like a heroin addict only with couture.

So let’s add up how much money I’ve saved by not buying everything I’ve wanted in the last 3 days.

can't buy

  1. Schutz Blake Heel– $190
  2. Schutz Pichanga Bootie– $280
  3. Rag & Bone Marilyn Baseball Cap– $150
  4. J. Crew Tuxedo Vest– $250
  5. Self-Portrait Lace Skirt– $385
  6. Alexis Bittar Bracelet– $295

Now, that’s not to say I would have bought all of that. Come on, I’m not that ridiculous…okay fine I just don’t have that much money, but if I did, oh you better believe all of that stuff would be on a truck en route to me right now.

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