Shoes are my drug of choice.

I am a shopaholic. Anyone who knows me knows that, that statement is one of the most true statements ever made. When I go shopping I literally have no self control, I want to buy as much as possible and too much is never enough. Being in a store for me is like a cocaine addict hanging out pool side with Tony Montana. It doesn’t matter if I have money to afford to buy something or if I’m simply hanging out with a friend who actually needed something to wear that night and I agreed to accompany her to help out with no plans of buying anything for myself, I will walk out with a bag. I cannot remember the last time I walked out of a store without buying something. I’m left with an incomplete feeling if I do. Clothes, shoes, purses, jewelry, make-up, whatever fill this hole inside me that cannot be filled by anything else and unfortunately this hole empties itself often and I’m soon left with the aching want and need to buy something. I can’t control it. I constantly think about shopping. If I’m not flipping through a magazine folding over the bottom corners of things I just have to own, then I’m counting how many days it’s been since I purchased something for myself to see if it’s acceptable to spend $385 on a certain pair of Stuart Weitzman sandals I’ve been eyeing. If you catch me not listening to you mid conversation, don’t worry, I’m only thinking about the Proenza Schouler dress I saw in the window at Barneys last week. I really don’t think about how much of a problem I have until it is brought to my attention, like this weekend when my father referred to the spare bedroom in our house as “Laurel’s shoe closet” then proceeded to tell everyone in the room the number of shoes I had stored in there because he was curious and counted one day. The color of my face can only be compared to that of a tomato. Never the less, I still want to shop. Even writing this blog tests my willpower. Looking on websites for all of the things I wish I could buy is a constant struggle for my addiction because once I start, there is no stopping. I can justify anything. I always tell myself, “Just because you’re adding an item to your cart doesn’t mean you’re buying it” and then “I can always return things, most of this stuff probably won’t look good on me anyways”. Unfortunately, as I’ve gotten older, I know what looks good on my body and am way too good at picking out things that fit me correctly so returns don’t usually happen. The only upside to this ridiculously expensive habit is that I’m always up to date on what’s in style. Now if I could only find someone to pay me to give them fashion advice….maybe one day. Anyways, here are my favorite summer shoes that, at least for me, will only be visible on the background of my computer screen.

Summer Shoes

1. Pour La Victoire York Woven Open Back Sandals– $325

2. Saint Laurent Mid-Heel Ankle-Wrap Studded Sandals– $995

3. Christian Louboutin Mariniere Red Sole Patent Cage Bootie– $995

4. Zara Woven Ankle Boot Sandal– $99.99

5. Zara Flat Sandal with Diamante– $59.90

6. Gianvito Rossi Leather Split Peep Toe Bootie– $790

7. Steve Madden Stecy Sandal– $79

8. Shoe Cult Faye Platform Pump– $68

9. Dolce & Gabbana Printed Brocade Espadrilles– $445

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